Counting By Tens

I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t find my 1-100 number chart when I needed it.
I know I had touched it several times earlier in the year when I didn’t need it.
I looked in a few obvious places, then gave up.
We made do.
Using a piece of posterboard, I just markered in the first rows of numbers.
As I taught Rebekah how to count by tens, I filled in a few columns.
Then, I had her fill in the rest of the rows.
I was pleasantly surprised that she caught on quickly
and enjoyed being able to use the PERMANENT Magic Marker.
It bothered my type A personality that it wasn’t perfectly ordered,
but it worked.  Sometimes my rubber bands are just too tight.
An unorgainzed disappointment turned into a blessing,
because writing out the numbers cemented the concept more quickly
than just reading along with the store-bought chart.
Of course, a few days later  I found the chart in my bedroom,
in a pile that should have been dealt with months ago, 
 so I will use it to reinforce the concept.

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