Unblocking Roadblocks

In Beka’s second grade math curriculum,
she was learning measurement.
Along with memorizing the facts of measurement,
she was introduced to the standard 12 inch ruler
and a yardstick.
There were a few questions asking if  she should
use a ruler or a yardstick to measure an item.
She was confused,
then got a little frustrated.
Over the years I have learned,
when a kid is frustrated,
repeating the instructions LOUDER
or with more FRUSTRATION
doesn’t help.
I won’t tell you how many years it took to learn that,
it is a span that just can’t be measured.
When there is a roadblock to learning,
we need to remove it, not pile on top of the roadblock
with our frustration or impatience.
Sometimes, I just put the worksheet aside
and work on something else for awhile.
Other times, I like to find a new way to approach the matter.
I like to SEE things,
Beka likes to TOUCH things,
so we created a new way to learn the concept.
A ruler and a yardstick were found,
a chart was made,
and fun ensued.
After less than five minutes of measuring with a ruler and a yardstick,
the concept was mastered.
Best of all,
we unblocked the roadblock,
and the joy of learning raced on.

1 thought on “Unblocking Roadblocks

  1. The Queen of Brussels Sprouts

    I think that is one of the best reasons to homeschool (among the 47,000 other really good reasons). As a classroom teacher, I tried my hardest to do just that, but you can only do so much in a limited time, with limited space, and 30+ kids all at the same time.PS I LOVE that you were schooling on the floor. Yesterday, my oldest did her school outside in a tent. She was so happy sitting there with her math book, and got done in record time!


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