Keeping Place Value in Its Place

Place value can be a mystifying concept to young children.
Place value can be a mystifying concept for adults
trying to teach  young children.

I like to use various methods to help my kids gain understanding.

I found this old place value chalkboard,
that gives a great visual of the place value columns.
We write the numbers with the digits in the correct column.
When comparing numbers, it is easy to see which number is the least
and which is the greatest.
It also comes in handy for learning to carry,
or regroup, as some curriculums call it.

Plus, it is just fun to write with chalk,
isn’t it?
To utilize a place value chart,
you can make paper charts,
they’re easy to find on the internet.
You could also make your own gridlines
 on a chalkboard or a dry erase board.
Anybody else have any great ideas for teaching place value?

1 thought on “Keeping Place Value in Its Place

  1. The Queen of Brussels Sprouts

    I love the manipulatives that I have. They have tiny squares, which link together to make sticks (of 10). Then, the sticks link together to make groups of 100. It makes place value make so much sense! I really like the old chalk board. Chalk is much more fun than white boards. The high school I taught at had chalk boards in the science labs. I loved them…soemthing about the feel of chalk 😉


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