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Got Hunger?

Health is a required subject,
but it’s too easy to view it merely as a text book
and not a way of life.
How the kids implement what they’ve read
about nutrition, exercise and personal care
is more important than how they answer the questions
at the end of each section.
After reading about the food groups and choosing a healthy snack,
Beka was determined to put it into practice.
Think she made a good decision for snack time?
Sometimes when learning isn’t going well,
it’s important to re-evaluate basic needs of students
and the teacher.
A few times, I thought the kids were being lazy
or disobedient in their school work,
but the truth was,
they were just hungry.
I didn’t used to serve snacks
because I really wanted the kids to eat their meals.
However, if I hadn’t served a filling, nutritional meal,
it didn’t last.
Breakfast, especially, should be healthy,
including a protein which stays with them longer.
To ensure the daily requirement of fruits and veggies are eaten,
they need to be served with every meal.
Hunger can cause dizziness or lightheadedness,
irratibility, agitation and a lack of concentration.
Sound like your kids?
Or you?
If your kids are hungry, unless your breath smells like French fries,
they aren’t going to be able to concentrate.
I always wanted to push on and just finish up what we were working on
and then eat lunch, but too late I realized that they could do the work
more quickly if they weren’t hungry.
It’s hard to be the mommy, the teacher and the chef,
but to make your homeschooling adventure more successful,
you have to keep all three plates full at the same time.
Speaking of plates, the United States Department of Agriculture
has changed their food pyramid
  to a plate.
They haven’t updated all their kid and teacher resources,
but their site still contains a lot of helpful information
for your classroom/kitchen.

Why I Teach Health

At first it seemed a waste of time.
I thought Health curriculums, especially in the younger years,
just taught things that Moms should be teaching at home – 
combing hair, brushing teeth, manners and nutrition.
In the older years, they were teaching things I
wanted to be the one to  introduce to my children.
Then, I learned what other parents have sadly learned.
Just because I am teaching it, doesn’t mean my kids are learning.
Physically hearing doesn’t impart knowledge,
physically hearing along with a willingness to comply
 and believe imparts knowledge.
I have also learned that kids are slower to believe what I tell them because, well,
I’m just their Mom.
Not dissin’ my kids, just stating a fact.
Point in case, coint in pace, CASE in POINT….I always get that mixed up…
This morning my daughter, Rebekah, said, “Mom, did you know…”
(When they say this, not only do I know, I probably told them no less than 100 times.)
“…that you’re supposed to wash your hands several times a day?”

Like I have said that, stated that, demanded that,
ok YELLED that
a gajillion, bajillion times?
Kids believe other people. 
It’s a sad fact. 
My oldest daughter came home from her four months stint in 2nd grade public school
 and insisted horses used to have toes. 
No matter what creation things we showed her, she wouldn’t budge.
It’s a frightening truth that can be used for your advantage.
Kids believe other people. 
My daughter washes her hands and combs her hair
several times a day because her book told her.
I’m not washing my hands of this health curriculum, that’s for sure.