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rEaDy Or NoT hErE I cOmE!

This was always the threat we yelled before we opened our barely shut eyes to dash around and find our crouching, giggling, hiding kids during a neighborhood game of Hide-and-Go-Seek.

It was a threat, especially if we counted too quickly or skipped some numbers in order to stymy their hiding plans.

This is what school yelled  as August ended while my heart was still vacationing in Montana, the suitcases were nagging to be unpacked, and Amazon Prime was delivering school books one at a time to my doorstep.

I love school, but I love summer more.  I still have that childhood anticipation that all wonderful things happen during the summer.  It never comes quickly enough and it never lasts long enough. It’s when I slow down, bask in the sun, read, garden, and visit my relatives.

But, even as a child, my love for books, new school supplies, and friends could always stir up anticipation for the first day of school, and each day after that.

This year was no different.hometeached with watermarkWe began school.  It wasn’t pretty, but we got ‘er dun.

And while everyone else was staging adorable First Day of School pictures with matching Gymboree outfits on their Pinterest themed front porches, names artistically printed on hand-painted chalkboards, we did our own thang. And then we posted them a week later.

‘Cuz that’s how we roll at hOmE tEaChEd Academy, whether we’re ready or not.